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Installing GameGlass Hub on Linux
Installing GameGlass Hub on Linux
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GameGlass fully supports Linux with access to all the same features and functionality available on Windows PCs. Most major distributions of Linux are officially supported -1 version from the latest LTS which includes:

- Ubuntu 22.04+
- Linux Mint 21.2+
- Fedora 39+

Musl distributions such as Gentoo are not supported at the time of writing however many other common distributions will work in addition to those listed above. Please consider just these as officially supported in relation to our commitment for support inquiries.

Support for other distributions is on a best effort basis. An AppImage installer is provided for distributions outside of our supported native Linux options of rpm and deb.

​Debian based distributions (Ubuntu/Mint)

GUI Install Method
​Download here:

To install GameGlass from a .deb file you can navigate to the folder you downloaded it to and double click it, it should open in your distributions selected software installer.

Command Line Install Method

From the terminal you can run the command:

sudo apt install -y ./GameGlass.deb

This will install GameGlass under the apps menu where it can be launched thenceforth.


Please make sure the following dependencies are installed on your system:
base dependencies to run GameGlass: libevdev, libnotify, libXtst, nss, libxcb

In-game screenshots requires: libXrandr, dbus-libs, xcb-util-wm, libXrandr

AppImage udev Rules

GameGlass requires the following rule to be installed on your system, AppImage doesn't allow us to install this automatically - below is the script you will need to run as root/sudo which sets the udev rule.

Right click on the GameGlass AppImage file and select properties from the menu that appears:

From here you can enable the option to run the executable as a program:

You can now double-click the GameGlass appimage to run it.

If you need a program to run appimages we recommend this one which will allow run once or advanced install options as well as management for installed appimage applications:

The download page for this tool can be found directly here:

Release Release build (v2.2.0) · TheAssassin/AppImageLauncher (


And finally, for those needing an RPM file this is available as well:

Download here:

GUI Install Method
Just double click on the RPM file and it will be opened in the software center.

Alternatively, you can right click on the file and choose to install it via Software Center.

Installing Rpm File Fedora

Command Line Install Method

Open a terminal and switch to the directory where you have the RPM file downloaded. You can also provide the path to the RPM file. Use the DNF command like this:

sudo dnf install ./GameGlass.rpm

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