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Getting Started With GameGlass
Installing GameGlass Desktop Software
Installing GameGlass Desktop Software

How to set up the Desktop Software on your Gaming PC

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The following steps require a GameGlass Account to proceed. If you do not already have an account, you can hit the button below to be taken to our registration page.

How To Install GameGlass

The GameGlass Host software must be installed on the PC from which you play your games in order for you to connect your touchscreen devices to it and begin the second screen experience.

Follow these simple steps to install GameGlass:

  1. Download the Host software from the button below:

  2. Run "gameglass-installer.exe" from your Windows 8/10/11 gaming PC

  3. Follow the dialogue prompts until the installation is complete

  4. When you run GameGlass, you will be required to log in to your registered account using your email address and password.

    Continue setup by connecting to GameGlass from your touchscreen Device

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