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Settings and Theming Panels
Settings and Theming Panels
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The Properties, Settings, and Themin panels all define how you can customize the look and feel of your shard.

Settings Panel

Define your Shard's Canvas Size from here to fit your intended display. We will be adding plenty more settings in the future.

1. Canvas Type selection. Choose between Aspect Ratio or Custom (Note: Aspect Ratio options are coming in a future update)

2. Define Canvas Width and Height to match your intended display. For suggested dimensions suitable for many common devices reference here:

Theme Panel

Click the paintbrush icon to adjust theme colours and Shard backgrounds.

1. Here you can adjust universal colour theme options which can be linked to any and all backgrounds and elements. Click on the colours to open the click and drag colour editor or enter colour codes in the box for a perfect match.

2. You can customize a background colour from here

3. You may select from a list of preset background images or select custom and then enter any image URL in the field provided.

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