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Forge Editor Basics

Get started with the editor interface and build your own shards.

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A blank slate lies before you. From here follow the links to articles relating to all available features within the Forge and see what you can do!

IMPORTANT, you must Save your work from here after any and all changes before navigating away from the current Shard

1. Menu options for Return to Dashboard, Create New Shard, and Exit Forge

2. Title and rename the current Shard you are working on

3. Save the current Shard

4. Open the theming tab

5. Open the settings tab

6. Undo and Redo the last action(s) you performed

7. The ever-present GG Navigation button that allows you to exit the Shard from within the app

8. Display all buttons in a list on the side panel for easy selection

9. Insert a Button and begin building your Shard!

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