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GameGlass Hub Settings
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Navigating to the settings menu cog on the top right of the Hub interface will bring you to a host of settings which can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

From within the Application Settings tab you can adjust the following elements


Starting from the top, you can adjust the volume of the sound effects which button presses create within the Windows environment when playing your games.

Start With Windows:

Automatically launch GameGlass whenever you restart Windows.

Start Minimized:

This setting will prevent the GG Desktop Software window from opening each time you launch the program.

Disable hardware acceleration:

For certain users this may help alleviate graphical artifacts within the GameGlass Hub interface.

Screenshot Directory:

Select another folder or drive location other than the default where screenshots taken from certain Shards are saved.

ED Log Directory:

This path is where the ED player journal logs are stored by default on Steam and other versions of the game. GameGlass looks in this folder to find and update in-game information. DO NOT change this path unless in-game data isn't working for you and you know you've manually moved the Windows saved games folder elsewhere.

Next up is the Account tab. From here you can change your account username and email notification settings.

If you are a GlassPass subscriber you will also see a button here to manage your account.

Clicking this button will allow you to see your order history as well as to change, update, or view your subscription details with the 4 blue links below or click on the "GameGlass Subscription" bubble near the top which will allow you to cancel upcoming subscription billings if desired.

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