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Deleting and Copying Shards

Learn how to remove or copy a shard from your GameGlass account

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From the GameGlass Hub simply navigate to the library tab, click on Shard and then click the delete button on the top right of the menu.

To confirm deletion, click the delete button a second time which appear to the left of your cursor's position.

From the Forge:

Deleting shards from the Forge just takes a few clicks. Just follow the instructions in the images below to remove a shard from your library.

Step 1: Log in to the Desktop Software and click on "My Shards".

Step 2: Find the shard you want to delete and click the "settings" button as indicated in the image below

Step 3: Click the garbage bin icon to delete the shard

That's it! Once you confirm the deletion, your shard is no more.

Copying Shards:

You can copy shards which you have created in the Forge by clicking the duplicate icon directly to the left of the garbage bin icon. This will create a new Shard labeled [copy]

NOTE: the duplicate button will not appear on shards added from the marketplace to protect creator's work.

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