Deleting and Copying Shards

Learn how to remove or copy a shard from your GameGlass account

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Deleting shards just takes a few clicks. Just follow the instructions in the images below to remove a shard from your library.

Step 1: Log in to the Desktop Software and click on "My Shards".

Step 2: Find the shard you want to delete and click the "settings" button as indicated in the image below

Step 3: Click the garbage bin icon to delete the shard

That's it! Once you confirm the deletion, your shard is no more.

Copying Shards:

You can copy shards which you have created in the Forge by clicking the duplicate icon directly to the left of the garbage bin icon. This will create a new Shard labeled [copy]

NOTE: the duplicate button will not appear on shards added from the marketplace to protect creator's work.

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