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Star Citizen Shards 3.20 Setup
Star Citizen Shards 3.20 Setup
Updated over a week ago

The Official Star Citizen Shards are all updated! You simply need to 'Reset' them, or set to Default to get the new 3.20 keybind changes (of course, you may change back to custom after).

Due to some issues with the file not being included in this latest patch, you will also need to manually set up 4 binds on your own in Star Citizen game installation. The 4 binds are:

  • Transform (In bindings as "Cycle Configuration") (Flight-Movement) - lctrl+m

  • Toggle Lead/Lag Pips (Vehicles-Weapons) - lalt+num7

  • Cycle Previous Missile Type (Vehicles-Missiles) - lctrl+mouse2

  • Cycle Gimbal Assist/Standard Gimbal/Gimbal Lock modes (Vehicles-Weapons) - G (delete the two current G binds in that same section)

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