Component Locking

Lock it down, tight.

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Component locking is a great way to ensure components are not accidentally moved while you are designing and laying our your Shard. It's easy to lock and unlock them, here's how to do it.

How to LOCK a Component

1. Click any Component on your canvas in the Forge. A new button has been added to the context menu.

2. Click the lock icon to lock the selected Component

This will lock the Component and prevent it from being moved on the canvas.

NOTE - Locking a Component also prevents it from being selected to see it's context menu. See below for how to access the context menu for a locked Component, or how to unlock a Component.

How to UNLOCK a Component

1. Click through the list of components in the Components Panel accessed via the three layer icon to the right of the insert button until your locked component is selected on the canvas:

This allows you to access the Component's context menu.

2. Click the lock icon next to the Component:

This will unlock the Component.

NOTE - You can use the lock icons in the layers panel to lock and unlock Components without using the context menu.

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