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Assigning Actions to Elements
Assigning Actions to Elements

You've got a cool layout... now what? Actions enable elements to do whatever you want when pressed, held, double tapped, and more.

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The actions menu is where all the... action... happens... ◔_◔

Anyways, GameGlass has a wide variety of prebuilt actions you can use to make your elements function in unique ways.

The Inline Menu

Whenever you select an object in the Forge, you will see the Inline Menu. It contains multiple features as described below the image.

1. Opens the Action Menu

2. Modifies which layer this element resides in for overlapping elements. We allow movement between 10 separate layers.

3. Copy the element and all current attributes/actions. A perfect copy will be made sitting atop its parent.

4. Delete this element

The Actions Menu

1. On Tap actions are performed upon any single touch/click from the GameGlass app

2. On Hold actions are performed after touching and holding the element down from the app for the period of time selected

3. On Double Tap actions are performed by quickly tapping an element twice from the app

4. Add a keybind to the selected category (1-3)

5. Click Record to begin bind recording then press any button on your keyboard. You will see an option to stop if you change your mind and afterward a clear option to clear the bind again.

6. Choose from Press/Release or just Press or Release

7. Delete the action

8. Add a Mouse Click to the selected category

9. Choose between Left, Middle, or Right mouse click

10. Add a Mouse Wheel action to the selected category

11. Choose the number of mouse wheel clicks and direction

12. Add a Delay between actions

13. Enter delay length in milliseconds or seconds

14. Add a Sound Effect

15. Choose sound from the dropdown menu

16. Adjust the sound volume

17. Clear all actions within the currently selected category

18. Close the Actions Menu and return to the Shard canvas

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