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Our Shards are pre-populated with game defaults, any additional commands that are available but not bound by default will have to be added manually. Once you set certain binds in-game you can match those binds to GameGlass starting from the My Shards tab on our Host PC software.

From the list that opens choose your Shard and then choose a variant to edit. Keep in mind that edits made to one variant will not affect the others.

Now select any button element and then click on Actions.

From the editor if the action had a default keybind you would like to change click clear then record and press the applicable button on your keyboard to alter it, otherwise you can add a new bind by choosing "keybind" on the top left input action.

Click Done on the bottom right and then continue to any other binds which you would like to edit.

Disclaimer: Although this toolset allows great customization we are aware it isn't the fastest or most elegant solution. We will be improving this process to make setup easier in the coming months as we work directly with Cloud Imperium Games and their own keybind/action management.