Under Button properties you will be able to adjust general positioning as well as labeling and color/appearance. For instructions related to adding keybinds and actions see this article instead

1. Using these icons you can snap buttons instantly to a certain position whether centered or on the far side of the canvas as indicated

2. Enter numbers into the X and Y position to achieve exact coordinates and adjust button rotation

3. Change the exact width and height of the button's dimensions (can also be adjusted using the blue dots around selected button instead)

4. Customize the button's text label

5. Customize button's background color and opacity

6. Enter any image url here to function as the button's background instead of a color as in 5

1. Choose from a list of available font styles for button text

2. Toggle on/off Bold and Italics

3. Snap Text to left - center - right

4. Adjust Font size with slider or numerical input

5. Customize Font color and opacity

6. Fine-tune padding of text to the exact desired position

7. Add a border to the button and adjust it's sizing

8. Adjust border radius, by default this will add rounded edges on all corners

9. Toggle between adjustment between border radius adjustment of all corners or independent corners.

10. Customize Border Color and opacity