Shard Remixing

How to get the latest updates to official shards.

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Shard Remixing is a setting in the GameGlass Desktop Software that allows you to completely customize official GameGlass Shards with all the keybinds pre-applied.

For example, in our official Shards, these will match the GameGlass keyboard profile available from within Star Citizen.

You can choose to set the toggle to a remixed (custom) version of the Shard which creates a copy specific to your account in which you can edit all the binds and they will not change from your choices.

Only Shards added from the marketplace directly can become remixed by default. Any older copies default to remixed (custom) to avoid loss of settings.

If you would like to update an old remixed copy to the latest default layout, just hit the reset button next to "Edit Shard".

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