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Problems Launching Desktop Software
Problems Launching Desktop Software

If updating GameGlass on your PC isn't working, read this guide.

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If after launching the GameGlass Host PC software you see a "checking for updates" and/or "no updates found" window but the software interface fails to open afterward, then follow these steps.

If you are using an Eero router these steps will not work, see here instead.

If you see "an error occurred" message while updating GameGlass then skip to steps 3-4.

  1. Check to see if GameGlass is running in the system tray on the far right of the taskbar (you may need to press the expand arrow to show all icons in the tray). If you find the GG icon here then simply click it to open the interface.

  2. If no system tray icon is found then check Task Manager for any active GameGlass processes. If you see any, click them and then click "end task" to fully close GameGlass. Now relaunch.

  3. If no processes were found or if the above steps did not resolve the issue, then reboot your PC and try to launch GameGlass again.

  4. If a reboot does not resolve the issue then you will need to uninstall GameGlass.

    Once uninstalled, go to the following directory and delete this folder:


    Finally, reinstall GameGlass using the latest installer available on our website.

    If you are seeing any type of DLL errors upon reinstall then please check your security software and whitelist GameGlass before installing again.

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