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I purchased a crowdfunded bundle. Where are my shards?
I purchased a crowdfunded bundle. Where are my shards?

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Updated over a week ago

The Launch/SC Bundles that were purchased previously when we used the legacy system contained Mining, Ship Databank and Discover.

The description and Thumbnail of this bundle are attached here. The Legacy Flight, Vehicles, Combat and Social shards were always FREE and had never been part of a purchase package.

Due to obligations, higher cost of development, time and resources, when we switched to licensed versions of these shards we decided to completely re-do them, and "Pilot" is now the only free shard.

If you have purchased that bundle, you should already have Mining & Avionics unlocked. Avionics is unlocked as a thank you for being a past customer.

We also just sent out an email regarding what is happening with Ship DB and Discover, so if you want more information on those please refer to the email, or you can watch us address it in our live stream here:

We apologize for the confusion this has caused everyone as we make this extremely difficult transition to new technology and we hope you bear with us as we optimize and make this the best experience possible.

Please contact us if you want to discuss this change, and we will be sure to make it right on our end.

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