GameGlass Desktop Settings

Configure the various settings and features available in the GameGlass Desktop Software

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Desktop Software Settings

Keybind Setup:

The Keybind Setup will be deprecated as soon as possible as we move Elite Dangerous to utilize our new tech with the Forge. Estimated Q2 2023.

General Settings

Start Minimized

This setting will prevent the GG Desktop Software window from opening each time you launch the program.

Start with Windows

Automatically launch GameGlass whenever you restart Windows.

Modify Volume

Global setting that changes the volume of sounds played when you interact with certain elements.

Change Screenshot Directory

Select another folder or drive location other than the default where screenshots taken from certain Shards are saved.

Send Debug Logs to Support

Only used in certain customer support cases if we ask you for this.

Elite Dangerous: Change Log Path

This path is where the ED player journal logs are stored by default on Steam and other versions of the game. GameGlass looks in this folder to find and update in-game information. DO NOT change this path unless in-game data isn't working for you and you know you've manually moved the Windows saved games folder elsewhere.

Background Image (Glass Pass Only)

Choose a different Shard background for Elite: Dangerous

Themes for Elite Dangerous

NOTE: This tab and feature set is available to Glass Pass members only

From this tab, you can choose a different default Elite Dangerous colour theme or create one with our powerful editor tool.

When creating your own theme be sure to have the GameGlass app open on your touchscreen device where you will be able to see how each colour value is modified in real-time!

Simply adjust the main slider on the right and then fine-tune your selection from the center palette for each available portion of the Shards then click save theme when done.

You can also Import and Export custom themes using the buttons on the bottom left in order to keep your theme when moving to another PC or share it with your friends or org mates.


Opens the directory where screenshots taken from the Star Citizen Social Shard are saved on your PC.

This location can be modified from the Settings tab.

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